Trina Solar new record of efficiency of 24.58%

Trina Solar record of efficiency

Trina Solar has achieved greater efficiency in its monocrystalline photovoltaic cells

Trina Solar Record in Efficiency

Recently, his State strategic laboratory of Sciences and photovoltaic technology of CHINA (LEE CTFC), announced his new world record in 24.58% efficiency in N-type silicon solar cells with i-TOPC on technology, which means, passive contact with tunnel oxide.

This bifacial solar cell has been manufactured on a large plate, 244.62 cm2 having a frontal boron emitter and a complete posterior area of ​​passive contact.

According to Jifan Gao, Global Executive Director of Trina Solar, this record has been confirmed by the Independent ISFH Calibration and Testing Laboratory in Germany.

About Trina Solar

Trina Solar, founded in 1997, is one of the leading suppliers in the world that is committed to high-quality photovoltaic products, with an emphasis on engineering design and economic criteria.

Its products have a significant record of reliability and performance.

It is a vertically integrated company, so it manages the control in all its manufacturing steps, from the crystallization of silicon to the set-up on the ground, providing its customers with a leading guarantee of 25 years.

The company specializes in the development, research, manufacture and marketing of photovoltaic products; development of solar energy projects, operation and maintenance; development and sale of complementary intelligent systems of energy and multiple networks, as well as operation of energy platforms in La Nube.

On his website you can visit his success stories, which support his career.

Trina Solar is now building an Intelligent System that integrates energy generation, storage, distribution and intelligent manufacturing of it. According to Jifan Galo, they are dedicated to establishing the manufacturing base of the world’s leading lithium battery through joint venture and cooperation with Great Power.

Through this alliance both companies will produce and market lithium batteries.

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