Trends in Solar Energy: Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds, a device that protects from the sun, but also generates clean energy

We in SOLARNUB fancy new and innovative photovoltaic products, that is why we are constantly on the lookout for novel devices and study how they work. In this case we want to highlight a new product- the so-called solar blinds, with which you can recharge the battery of your smartphone among other things.

It is curious to discover how, through the combination of different elements, ideas and experiences-  the work of designers (Park Yonghwa, Lee Sang Jun, Hwang Ki Nam, & Lee Danbee) and developers’ efforts, our lives become a bit easier.

However, what we really like is that the designers have thought of a new way to utilize new spaces to generate clean energy, instead of the typical rooftops, fields, etc.

How does it work?

These solar shutters have laminates with photovoltaic modules attached to the blinds, rendering them effectively solar energy receivers, which is then converted into electrical energy.

Most of these products have integrated sensors for tracking the sun rays, rotating the slats to maximize the amount of sun light available. In addition, they have been able to balance the functionality with a clean and elegant design.

In what way are they useful?

With this type of product, we can recharge the battery of mobile devices in an easy and simple way.

Where to use them?

They are easy to assemble, thus making them a perfect product for our homes, but they perform the best when set in large spaces, with wide windows such as hotels, restaurants and offices.

In the market today, you will find several options for this product. Moreover, manufacturers and distributors are working actively so that this type of product reaches as many homes and businesses as possible.

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