Transparent Solar Panels

Transparent solar panels capable of generating electricity

What are they?

Little by little, solar energy makes its way into the market and is thus shown with a new type of transparent solar panels that can be attached to a window.

This new technology uses organic molecules that absorb light waves that are not visible to humans, such as infrared and ultraviolet light.

They allow to expand the horizons of the photovoltaic systems towards new and varied fields of application such as the domestic, productive and commercial sector.

Their efficiency is so strong that they are able to recharge a smartphone’s battery while receiving sunlight with only one square meter.


It was developed by a group of researchers from the University of Michigan and converted sunlight into electricity, while preserving the optical properties of glass.

At the moment, this development is in an initial stage, which means that in the future it could be applied in buildings that are completely made of glass.


The transparent solar panels can be made of plastic materials or glass. They can filter natural sunlight through its surface. This type of panel is increasingly used in sustainable construction. In addition, they would be invisible and could be used in homes next to an internal battery that is charged during the day.


It has a wide variety of characteristics, for example, natural lighting and clean energy production.

The versatility of its use and the aesthetics that they possess.


The transparent panels have a lower efficiency of performance. They vary depending on the type of panel, but usually produce at least 10-20% less than traditional panels.

Its price, since they have a higher price than conventional panels.


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