The Solar Map of Alpedrete

The Solar Map of Alpedrete

The Solar Map of Alpedrete: the energy in Alpedrete could be 100% solar

The CIEMAT and the Alpedrete City Council, presented in 2018 a solar map of this municipality in which the optimal surface of the roofs is developed in which solar panels could be installed to produce electricity and solar thermal to allow hot water and heating.

The study was conducted on a total of 4,053 buildings, both public and private, which could produce the equivalent of 33,685 GWh of electricity, which was consumed in the municipality throughout 2016.

It was concluded that only the 8% does not have enough space for the installation, according to the data of the Institute of Statistics of the Community of Madrid.

Therefore, we can affirm that the photovoltaic potential is 100% of the consumption. If solar energy and thermal energy were used, the emission to the atmosphere of 21,470 and 20,400 tons of CO2 could be avoided, respectively.

This, the effect on the atmosphere of the gas causing the greenhouse effect and climate change would be reduced by almost 42,000 tons.

Objectives of the Alpedrete solar map

The Solar Map of Alpedrete demonstrates with scientific data and precision that it is possible to evolve towards a clean, efficient, sustainable and participatory energy model.

It has a fundamental objective, which is to create a tool for citizen use through which people become participants, protagonists and responsible for the energy model they want for their municipality and help the City Council with a precise cartography that allows it make decisions in public spaces.

Once the incidence of the Sun in the more than 4,053 buildings has been mapped, the optimum surface of catchment could be installed solar panels with a power of 23 MWp and a generation capacity of 33 GWh per year.

The Solar Map is a point of union between citizens and their closest institution, complemented by other government actions initiated on the path of converting savings into investment.

Also highlights the 50/50 project of energy efficiency in public schools, is that students reflect and make decisions that allow them to save on bills for electricity, heating and water changing their habits.

Another of the proposed objectives, and achieved, is the link between public institutions. After completing the solar mapping, the CIEMAT fulfills a function of dissemination and accompaniment, as well as advising on the interest shown by certain energy companies for the solar expectation generated in Alpedrete.

So this study shows the great potential of Alpedrete to cover much of domestic consumption through photovoltaic energy. It will also contribute to improving the environmental quality of the municipality and the way of life of its citizens.


The citizenship is the recipient and owner of the tool we call the Solar Map. It has been created so that it is available freely and free of charge. The owners of the 4,053 properties that exist in Alpedrete have personalized information about their home or premises.

By accessing the Map, simply by locating yourself on your home, you will know the existing roof surface, the optimal surface for the installation of solar technologies, available power, annual energy and CO2 emissions.

The general recipient is citizenship. However, other users have already been detected in smaller groups. One of them is the school children of the public centers of the municipality.

Some professors have used the Solar Map as a teaching tool in their classes proposing mathematical and geographical cut exercises.

CIEMAT is also a recipient of the Solar Map that it has created since it is a base on which to plan new models.

In addition, this municipality hosts a fair of renewable energy and solar efficiency held on June 2. Being faithful to the objective of the previous editions, the great social work of informing on the real possibilities of changing the energetic model by resorting to existing technologies is valued. To know more about this fair, you can see the following article of our blog about Fair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


Solar energy is playing an important role in the change of this energy model thanks to its versatility, simplicity, reliability and economy. The role of citizens in this change of model is fundamental. Numerous city councils are taking decisive steps, implementing savings and efficiency policies and helping their neighbors in the promotion of renewable energies and sustainable mobility.

The change in the energy model transcends the fact of using one source of generation or another, it affects the ownership of production and consumption.

The citizenship extends its current exclusive competence as a user final to that of producer and manager of its energy. It is the beginning of a revolution, due to the participation of citizens in energy production.


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