The Shapes of Photovoltaic Plants

Solar plants shaped like Mickey Mouse and a Panda Bear from bird’s view

We were delighted to discover that there are photovoltaic plants that during their construction have had an aesthetic element added, thus creating different shapes, which seen from the air, are quite surprising.

The Shapes of Photovoltaic Plants :Mickey Mouse’s Solar Plant

We show you two designs that have caught our attention, both for the concepts of the overall shape as well as the size of the photovoltaic projects.

This plant was built by Duke Energy, alongside Disney and Randy Creek Improvement District (RCID), managing to build and connect a photovoltaic installation of 48,000 solar panels that supply clean energy to the Walt Disney World amusement park, the Four Seasons Resort and the Hotel Plaza Boulevard.

For Duke Energy, the installation of this photovoltaic plant has been an incredible project full of challenges, and with forecasted 500 MW of solar energy by 2024.

From Disney’s perspective, supplying one of its amusement parks with clean energy, keeps the company at the forefront of sustainability and more importantly it contributes to protecting the planet.

The Shapes of Photovoltaic Plants: Panda Bear Shape

The Chinese engineers of the company, Panda Green Energy, have managed to execute a magnificent solar plant in the shape of a panda bear with their solar panels.

Not only panda is part of the name of the company, but in China the panda bear is sacred, and this work has been a full-fledged tribute.

In regards to the panda bear-shaped solar plant, it has different shades, black, white and gray. To this end, the engineers have used monocrystalline silicon solar cells for the black parts, such as ears and arms, and thin film solar cells for the belly and face.

This photovoltaic plant has a capacity 100 MW of power, and the idea of the company is to create more photovoltaic plants with shapes of the panda bear, as a marketing weapon aimed at young people in the country, to convey the benefits of solar energy through this adorable animal. For the rest of us, who won’t take a peek from bird’s view over the USA nor China, just seeing the photographs of the shapes is entertaining and intriguing enough, since solar plants so far have not reflected an awful lot of creativity and originality (for now).


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