The main keys of self-consumption photovoltaic

The main keys for photovoltaic self-consumption of Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 (RD-L 15/2018)

With the presentation of the BOE Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 (RD-L 15/2018) a series of urgent measures are established for the energy transition, consumer protection, and photovoltaic self-consumption.

As a main measure we have the elimination of the controversial “sun tax” established in 2015, despite the more than 180,000 signatures that were collected against this regulation. Although it was applied to any type of renewable energy is commonly known as “sun tax”, and is an extra that must be paid by the owners of renewable facilities for the maintenance of the electrical system.

It also redefines the photovoltaic self-consumption allowing it to be a shared consumption, and that neighborhood communities, for example, can acquire a certain type of privileges with which they did not previously count, and the doors for photovoltaic self-consumption are opened in deferred, although There is still a way to go and there are different regulations that have to be approved. In addition, bureaucratic procedures are simplified for installations below 100kW of generating power and low consumption.

There is an action against energy poverty by way of the more defined use of the social bonus, increasing the possibility that a more specific group can benefit from it.

In the same way different concepts related to sustainable development are touched, such as promoting the use of the electric car, a sector in which we are very backward in Spain compared to the rest of Europe.

In conclusion, for the photovoltaic sector it is good news, and for sustainable development even better, since it increases the capacity for more movement of solar energy, an energy that does not pollute and is 100% renewable.

Here you can consult the Royal Decree-Law 15/2018 (RD-L 15/2018)


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