The three consequences of the expiration of antidumping duties

minimum import price

What are the consequences of the expiration of antidumping of the minimum import price (MIP) on solar panels?

The expiration of the anti-dumping measures has sent shock waves across the EU, but the effects are likely to reach far beyond its shores. The three most important consequences will be briefly discussed.

  1. Despite the expiration of the European Union’s anti-dumping measures, the demand for solar energy remains low

The expiration would entail a drop in price, which will be further accelerated by the increased competition enabled. After the expiration of the measures against producers of solar panels from the PRC, the market responded with a downward trend as expected, although demand has not yet risen.

  1. Adaptations by the Southeast Asian solar panel manufacturers

With the opening of the European market to companies from China, Southeast Asian firms which previously had advantage importing into Europe, no longer have it. Now these manufacturers are lowering their prices in an attempt to match those of the Chinese companies.

  1. The re-adjustment to normality

The European Union’s non-renewal of the MIP has caused a stir and confusion amongst buyers and sellers of solar panels. Until buyers adapt to the new sellers and until the sellers adapt to the requirements of their would-be buyers, there will be a period of time, in which demand will be lower, although it is expected to rise in the coming months. It is clear that this decision by the EU will bring about a greater completion in the sector but also lead to less differentiation among companies in the sector.

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