Spanish Observatory of photovoltaic self-consumption

First observatory of residential photovoltaic consumption

The company Solarwatt, German supplier of photovoltaic systems, has financed the first observatory of residential photovoltaic consumption in Spain. This study has been promoted by Solarwatt Spain together with the Analysis and Research Group (AeI).

They have been in charge of carrying out all the field work and the results corresponding to all the surveys carried out.


This photovoltaic self-consumption observatory seemed to us a great initiative, since in Spain no company had been concerned to carry out a similar study.


Your main objectives

  • promote knowledge about photovoltaic energy for individual consumption.
  • Know the main motivations for installing these systems.
  • Detect are the main impediments


 Sample selected

The AeI Group has decided to select a sample of 750 people between 25 and 65 years old with the following requirements:

– Owners or co-owners of your current home

– Residents in municipalities that exceed 25,000 inhabitants

– Having a medium-high or high purchasing power

– Live in a chalet or independent houses.


Sample groups

The sample of the 750 people has classified in three different groups and they would be:

– The non-conscience: are those people who believe that the problems of climate change will not affect them and are not worried about the issue.

– Liabilities: are those people who are concerned about climate change and think that it may affect them, but they will not take measures to change it.

– The mobilized: are those who have a high awareness of climate change and the problems that this entails and are also the only ones who are willing to take measures to try to reduce the effects.


But they not only have stayed with these 3 categories but in their observatory have decided to specify them even more, as we can see in the image.





One of the most striking things is that after the information provided to each of the respondents, 16.4% are convinced to install a photovoltaic system and have already been informed; and another 23.7% although they have not been informed yet they are convinced that they will install it.


If you want more information about this great initiative, we leave you the complete study here.


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