Solar Tiles, a new trend

Solar Photovoltaic Tiles

Like solar panels, solar tiles help save energy and therefore save electricity bills.

When these tiles are installed, they connect with each other generating the energy that will be used later in our homes.

Its installation is very simple since, in general, it is done in a similar way to conventional tiles and also have an assembly system.


How are the solar tiles composed?

These tiles are usually made of clay or slate, in the upper part small solar panels will be installed on the face of the tile that is exposed to the sun, and they will fit together with each other.





Like the solar panels, these tiles provide a series of advantages and disadvantages that would be:



  • By maintaining the design of a conventional tile, they are very easy to integrate into the design of the house and pass more unnoticed than any solar panel.
  • A roof that is covered or semi-covered with these tiles can cover the consumption of the home, because if you have a roof surface of 40 m2 you can generate up to 3Kwh.
  • If a tile is broken this is not an impediment for the rest to continue working, since they are anchored but independent elements.



  • One of the main disadvantages that these tiles have is that they are more expensive than solar panels, which is equivalent to a higher initial investment.
  • How it is a practically new product, it is not in its maximum splendour so it still has a lot of development.
  • With respect to its cleaning and maintenance will be a greater cost too, since it is more difficult to access them and requires more time to go giving one to one.
  • And, finally, another disadvantage is that when installed on the surface of a roof may not have a perfect slope and thus not capture the maximum possible energy.


Although it is a practically new product, currently there are already on the market several types of solar tiles among which we can choose and, therefore we can decide what will look like the roof of the house or porch in which it is installed.


Types of solar tiles

Source: Energelia


C21t. This energy tile has been designed by the British company Solar Century and allows the integration of a solar system on any roof without modifying its structure. The greatest contribution of this tile is that, the energy it captures is hybrid, that is, it combines solar and thermal energy, and in a surface of 7 m2 it can produce 60% of hot water in a house for three people.





Fuente: Materialicious


Tegolasolare. It is a tile that combines traditional clay tile with solar cell technology. This tile, as you can see in the image has four solar cells and measures approximately 48 cm.









SolTech Energy tiles are made of transparent glass. When the energy passes through these, it is absorbed by modules that are specially designed to capture the sun’s rays and transform the energy into heat or electricity.








Source: Pinterest


TechTile. These tiles are created by the Italian company REM S.p.A, are plastic and have a plastic resin cover that provides a glass appearance. As you can see in the different images, the latter are the most similar to traditional tiles and are used to heat the water in homes.








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