Solar installation isolated

Photovoltaic installation for self-consumption or isolated

Can you achieve energy independence with solar panels?

We have found it interesting, to clarify this issue that is often the big question for the end user.

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation

The first thing is to clarify that there is no difference between a residence or a company, the question is to have a connection to the electricity network.

So, it is not necessary to disconnect the network but to depend less on it, complementing the electricity grid with photovoltaic energy. The saving of the electricity bill can be reduced by up to 50%, besides contributing, of course, to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Solar installation isolated

It is when we disconnect from the electricity grid and convert our homes, buildings or organizations into 100% self-sufficient and 0% polluting. It is usually used in remote villages that do not have an electrical network and requires energy in this photovoltaic environment.

This system depends very much on two main issues that can limit its functionality.

  • It is the needs of electrical consumption that mark the isolated solar installation
  • Space required to install the necessary solar panels according to the estimated consumption.

In this facility, the solar battery storage system is very important, ensuring electricity in the periods in which our panels produce little energy, during the night or on cloudy days.

Batteries are usually the most expensive element of the photovoltaic installation, so in some cases we could consider other storage systems for maintenance.

Lithium batteries are the future because they incorporate intelligent systems, monitoring the load and discharge significantly reducing maintenance

Support Elements

In addition to the above mentioned it would be interesting to combine with:

  • Automatic start generators
  • Silent generators.
  • Wind systems


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