Solar Energy Training

Solar Energy Training of companies, manufacturers and citizens.

As every year for the month of May, the training offer in renewable energy is reviewed, and we have seen how the sector is preparing to train future professionals beyond the training courses to use.

There is already more photovoltaic solar or wind power installed than nuclear, which is why they are the sectors with the most training being offered. On February 22, 2019, the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) 2021-2030 was published. It is proposed to achieve 42% of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030.

Taking into account these forecasts, it is not surprising that companies, manufacturers and the citizens themselves launch themselves to train and train in Solar Energy.


From a citizen’s point of view, the initiatives such as the socio-cultural and self-managed Eko space that seeks to be, among other things, energy self-sufficient with solar energy Photovoltaics contributing activities and free training continue to grow.

On April 24 he started a crowdfunding campaign (#LuzParaElEko) to equip himself with a 6,000 W installation and thus allow him to maintain social, cultural and political work.

Companies and manufacturers

And finally, we would like to mention SunFields Europe, a company that offers a training course on solar panels on the market. It is a company of supply and distribution of material for photovoltaic solar systems that opt ​​for materials manufactured in Europe.

In our country alone, the use of photovoltaic energy increased by 94% in 2018, according to the UNEF. So, Spain is at the same level of growth as other countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands. His proposal is a training course with the aim of preparing professionals in the Solar Energy sector.

In this course will present the new products SunPower MAX2, MAX3 and P19, are solar panels of greater efficiency and photovoltaic performance.

This course will be taught in Barcelona by three of the best technicians of the SunPower manufacturer. During the training the operation of the new products aimed at professionals of the sector who are concerned about the high quality in solar self-consumption systems will be explained.

This course is barely priced at € 20 and the only requirement that must be met to attend is to be a professional or representative of a company that is in the energy sector.

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  1. Carlos Wind 3 years ago

    Looks like with this pandemic everyone will switch to renewable!! Yuhuuu

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