Photovoltaic Technical Training

Photovoltaic Technical training

Organized by the Solar Energy Institute and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (IES-UPM)

What does photovoltaic technical training consist of?

The Solar Energy Institute of the Polytechnic University of Madrid has developed a procedure for estimating and certifying the production of photovoltaic plants that use bifacial modules with the help of a simulation workshop for the production of photovoltaic plants with this type of modules.

When was it done?

On May 24, ETSI Telecommunications Systems was held at the South Campus of the UPM, in Vallecas (Madrid), a technical conference on “Estimation and Certification of Energy Production in Photovoltaic Plants with Bifacial Modules”.

The day was held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It included a guided tour of the bifacial modules testing facilities and a simulation workshop for the production of plants with this type of modules. The assistance was open to all the photovoltaic business sector and was free. Although, there was a confirmation of attendance to the event.

There was no limit to the attendance at the presentation talk or the visit to the facilities. However, attendance at the simulation workshop was limited to 30 places, which are available in the computer room in which it took place. The allocation of places was made in order of arrival of the inscriptions.


Isofotón, began as a pioneer in Spain, between 1984 and 1989 in the industrial production of bifacial modules. This company launched the bifacial module technology developed by the IES-UPM. From this experience, the IES-UPM learned that bifacial cells are a step towards the path of high efficiency cells, which is precisely the path followed by photovoltaic technology in recent years, so it is thought that the weight of the bifacial is called to grow significantly in the coming years.

Also, since 2006, the IES-UPM have participated in quality control processes that are related to the bank financing of numerous photovoltaic power plants, which total a power of close to 1 GW.

With the intention of constituting a reference of quality at the disposal of the Spanish business sector, the IES-UPM combined and updated these two experiences to develop an estimation procedure and certification of energy production with bifacial modules, specifically designed to be implemented in the controls of technical quality of photovoltaic plants.


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