Photovoltaic self-consumption does not stop rising in Spain

Photovoltaic self-consumption does not stop rising in Spain

Spanish homes add to the revolution of solar panels

From Solarnub we love to share El Pais’s article on photovoltaic self-consumption and its great evolution in our country, in fact the title of the article we cannot like anymore: Spanish families join the revolution of solar panels.

Undoubtedly there was a change in our country in April Royal Decree of Self-consumption, through which in Spain have photovoltaic energy was becoming easier and had fewer restrictions than previously.


That is, in Spain you could access a photovoltaic energy legally and economically viable. Companies and households are increasingly interested in generating and consuming clean energy, although as mentioned in the article, it is still early for new projects to have materialized.

What can be seen is the great interest in photovoltaic self-consumption, as stated by the Spanish Photovoltaic Union

Data on photovoltaic consumption

But we go with the numbers, last year installed 235 megawatts of new power of photovoltaic self-consumption.

  • Most interested have been companies, mostly SMEs and industrials, where producing and consuming their own energy has been part of their business strategies.
  • Households usually have 3 KW of installed power, 10% of the solar self-consumption

Improvements in the sector that encourage photovoltaic self-consumption

  • The administrative problems that are part of the past disappear.
  • Unstoppable fall in the prices of the facilities, around 80%.
  • Grants that are being managed by some municipalities with discounts on the IBI.
  • Possibility of shared self-consumption projects


Companies in the sector of photovoltaic self-consumption

With all this data it is logical that electricity companies are changing, some significant data that are mentioned in the article are:

  • Holaluz prepares an average of 300 weekly budgets and assembles five daily installations.
  • Iberdrola, Endesa or Naturgy, offer integrated solar solutions, seeking to gain a foothold in this boiling market.
  • SotySolar, the requests for the installation of photovoltaic cells has shot up 140%. The majority are single-family but they are studying a shared self-consumption project
  • Promoters such as Neinor Homes that offer buyers of one of their flats in El Cañaveral (Madrid) a photovoltaic panel pack and energy storage battery for 19,900 euros.

Save the energy

The greatest energy savings are achieved when the one that cannot be consumed is stored at the moment.

Ignacio Osorio, CEO of Ampere Energy, a Spanish company that produces and sells electric batteries. “With respect to last year, the demand for equipment has doubled and, although currently the percentage of batteries that are destined for non-single-family homes is still small, we anticipate an important growth from now on”

Within the sector, lithium batteries are more efficient, and are also being incorporated, through software, with artificial intelligence and bigdat tools.

This combination of battery and intelligent manager allows savings in the bill of up to 70%, instead of the 35% that is achieved only with photovoltaic panels.

Battery Cost

The cost of the batteries depends on the capacity of the project and is usually around € 3,000 and € 4000, although there are € 12,000

The purchase of a battery is an investment that allows rates of return of more than 8%, according to the vice president of Aepibal. However, some people believe that with the compensation of surpluses (the customer pours into the network the energy not consumed and a reduction in the electricity bill is applied to it), it does not count towards the account. ”

Therefore, within the photovoltaic self-consumption, the investment in batteries, continues living a struggle to increase and demonstrate its profitability at the same time that its prices go down.

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