Photovoltaic pergolas in Morvedre Valencia

Pérgolas fotovoltaicas Valencia

First Photovoltaic Pergolas in Valencia


The project of the photovoltaic pergolas is born mainly by the concern of a large part of the Valencian citizenship for the sustainability and care of the environment.

In the Valencian park of Morvedre have decided to install 5 new pergolas, but it is only in one of these where the photovoltaic system has been installed. This system has a panel of 20 photovoltaic modules and is installed on a surface of 52.80 m2.

It is estimated that this installation of an annual power of 5,386.79 kw, which will mean a CO2 emissions savings of 2,424 kg per year.

The installation of these 5 pergolas has a double functionality, as announced by the mayor of the city J oan Ribó, the first of them is to provide more shade to the enclosure and, second, is that it will supply energy to the garden for the basic care that it needs, such as irrigation systems, lighting and will also give electricity to the shippers of bicycles that have been installed inside the garden itself.

The photovoltaic installation has been carried by an energy manager and also has a datalogger (it is a device that records data over time by means of sensors) and a web server, which allow to know in real time, photovoltaic production, consumption of the installation and the energy saving that is taking place, among other data.

But this project has not been the only one that the city of Valencia has launched in recent years. On the one hand, about 10,400 solar panels were installed on the roofs of the workshops of the Ferrocarriles de Valencia, which has allowed the city a production of 2,701,385 kw, which is equivalent to stop producing 770 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the Valencian municipality of Bonrepòs i Mirambell has installed in the school of Mare de Deu del Pilar a photovoltaic system valued at 9.639 euros, composed of 22 plates of 285 W, which will provide 6 kW of power, which will save them between 10 and 15% of the electricity cost they had previously.

From SOLARNUB these projects launched by the Valencian City seem to us a great initiative.


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