Photovoltaic Energy in Andalusia

Photovoltaic Energy in Andalucia

Photovoltaic energy in Andalusía would involve an investment of 12,700 million euros.

At SOLARNUB, we are delighted to share the article published by Sevilla ABC, which shows the positive evolution that is expected for Andalusia in photovoltaic terms.

Although the most important, it would be to analyze, all that remains to be regulated and to be done in order to be effective.

The government of Andalusia has received 431 requests to install photovoltaic parks in the 8 provinces of the autonomous community. This not only confirms the interest in the production and management of clean energy, but if the applications presented are carried out, it would triple the current electric power.

The execution of the projects would bring an investment of 12,675 million euros, 700.00 euros per megawatt (MW).

Why have photovoltaic parks applications been triggered?

  • The profitability of photovoltaic plants is a fact.
  • Lower prices of manufacturers on solar panels.
  • Availability of land for photovoltaic plants in the case of Andalucía, at least 2 km per megawatt are needed

Possible Renewable bubble

It is not surprising that the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), are warning of a possible renewable bubble, since projects in our country are greater than energy needs.

  • Seville has submitted 131 photovoltaic projects to install 6,307 megawatts, thus equaling the power of renewables that are now in all of Andalusia.
  • Cádiz there are 93 requests from companies to install 3,951 MW.
  • Granada, 64 companies want to build plants with solar panels with a power of 3,118 megawatts.

Resale of Connection Licenses

This is one of the key points of photovoltaic energy, the licensing of connection points.

On some occasions, they are in the hands of companies that do not develop any project, so that currently speculation is enhanced, through the resale of licenses.

It is true that many companies that have points of connection to the network, for which they have paid endorsements to the Administration (40,000 euros / MW) and do not have the obligation to execute the projects in a specific time.

Only to wait for the current government to continue betting on the commitment to approve a decree that regulates the conditions of access to transport networks and distribution of electric power production facilities.

That draft will set deadlines to execute the projects and we understand that the speculation will be mitigated

Is REE prepared?

In the case of Andalusia, the Spanish Electricity Network (REE) could not manage the requested projects among photovoltaic, wind and solar thermal plants today

The infrastructures cannot support this evolution, in fact at present there are difficulties.

  • 32 saturated knots that do not have the capacity to connect new projects.
  • 6 what knots are in saturation situation.

For this reason, Andalusia, demand investments to be able to expand at least 11,430 MW the capacity of evacuation of renewable. Thus, it has ordered 400 kilovolt (kV) axes and 14 substations in La Palma del Condado, Alcalá de Guadaíra, Aznalcóllar, Sevilla Norte, Hornachuelos, Pozoblanco, Morón de la Frontera, Ventilla, Andújar, Úbeda, Don Fadrique and Nerja.

REE has until November to plan its investments for the period 2021-2026.

If the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan is set as the objective that 74% of Spain’s electricity generation be renewable by 2030, 57,000 MW should be incorporated into the system in a decade. Andalucía aspires to contribute 25,650 MV, 45% of the total.

Generate thousands of jobs

Undoubtedly, all these projects go hand in hand with the creation of many jobs, so necessary, in this autonomous community.

The Association of Renewable Energies of Andalusia (Claner) announces that the construction of 22,000 megawatts before 2030 would create 78,000 new jobs and generate an investment of 26,000 million. Some of the most sought labor profiles is that of maintainer of photovoltaic installations.

This is the case of BayWa Renewable Energy, which executed a 175-megawatt (MW) plant in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), which will soon start operating. Eleven of the 23 people who received the course will be maintainers of that park.

In that municipality, Jinko Solar is promoting another 182 MW wind farm, and Solar century will also produce four photovoltaic plants that will add 200 MW. “We have demand peaks of 500 workers,” say sources from the municipality of Alcalá de Guadaíra.

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