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It is an acknowledged fact among businessmen that a business is only as good as their chosen manufacturer. And it makes sense why this rings so true for a lot of businessmen.After all, a manufacturer is the one who makes the products for a system, being at the beginning of the chain. So, in a way, your manufacturer is the one who helps to lift your business off the ground, in addition to other services that may be offered. Because no matter how good your services are, if the manufacturer fails, the whole chain fails. That’s why choosing the right manufacturer is an absolute necessity for solar companies.

Today, most PV manufacturers have moved their factories to Asia to reduce their costs. So most solar panels are no longer manufactured in Europe, but in China, Singapore, etc. But if you live in Europe and you are wondering if you need to leave your continent to find a solar manufacturer, you can now breathe easily. There are some reliable solar energy manufacturers who can be found in Europe.

Through our SOLARNUB team’s research on European Solar Manufacturers we have been able to find out that there are some companies that still making their PV modules in Europe. And that means that sometimes even their raw materials are European, although most of the time the materials are imported from third countries. Most of the factories are located in Germany, which is the leading manufacturer in Europe. Take a look at our blog to see what the outlook for photovoltaics in Europe.

The big problem of the companies is the price of their products, which obviously when manufacturing in Europe, the prices are more expensive. The only way they can compete in price with Asian solar panels, is through the construction of large solar plantations.

“When it comes to choosing the right solar manufacturer for you, you have to choose wisely.”

Do you need European solar panels?We have good news, knowing that there are reliable solar panel manufacturers everywhere. Therefore, if your business is located in Europe, there is no need to worry because you probably have a solar manufacturing company close to you.

If you need solar panels with European certificate of origin SOLARNUB can help you find European  manufacturers for free. Being specialists in solar market research we can help you in your search. We understand that it is not easy for you to get in touch with all manufacturers, but we can do it for you. We will only show you products that are aligned with your needs and qualified by us. We can also help you qualify your solar panels by asking for an origin document. This is one of the most important steps for you to make a reliable purchase.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with our sourcing process please contact us at or visit


Paraskevi Markesini

Paraskevi Markesini

It is the direct link with manufacturers in Europe, Economics and business degree. Sourcing Management, her objective is to obtain the best purchase and offer opportunities, and cover the management of specific needs. She is greek as the yogurth.


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