Why do solar panels need cleaning and maintenance?

maintenance solar panels

Solar panels can get dirty as they are exposed to the outdoors, subject to weather and atmospheric conditions.

Therefore, it is very advisable to go through a cleaning and maintenance process, in order to absorb as much energy as possible. It is estimated that a dirty or shredded solar panel can produce between 15% and 30% less energy.

Dirt is produced by dust, environmental pollution, tree leaves or other types of debris carried by the wind such as rain, bird waste or even snow.

Maintenance solar panels

The cleaning of Solar Panels must be done periodically. In addition, you must ensure that all electrical components work perfectly.

The type and manufacturer of each panel indicates the need for more or less cleaning. It also influences the angle of inclination, its location with respect to the vegetation of the place, and other climatic conditions.

Efficiency of the panels

Google studied the performance of its panel system found in California, and discovered that if they cleaned the solar panels annually, it increased energy efficiency by 12%.

Recommendations from SOLARNUB

  • Respect all safety regulations, especially the height as their locations can cause an accident.
  • Contract a service of cleaning and maintenance of solar panels, leaving it in the hands of experienced professionals so that the process is fast and safe.
  • To carry out the cleaning on days when the weather accompanies this task.


Companies that provide this service

There are many companies, such as Washpanel. They were born in Italy in 2004 with automation, design and industrial production. Currently, he designs and produces automatic robots for the washing of photovoltaic plants. So they allow an improvement in the efficiency of solar panels.



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