Logistics: containers for solar panels

Contenedores de paneles solares

Load capacity of containers for solar panels.

For us at SOLARNUB, the choice of the transportation for our merchandise is a no-brainer. The clear winner is maritime cargo, due to three reasons:

  1. Freight rates are the cheapest for long distances.
  2. Ability to transport a large volume, which is perfect for our solar panels.
  3. One of the safest and least polluting means, and the latter is of vital importance to us.

For the maximum use of the containers we have detailed the capacity of each of them, having chosen the three models that were best suited for this type of products.

The Three Models of Container

  • 20 “container
  • 40 “container
  • HIGH CUBE 40 container

All of them are closed containers on all sides, ideal for the transport of our merchandise. There are also containers for smaller solar panels, although the trend is towards larger containers.

We start with the first, the 20“container, which is ideal when one is carrying out a low volume merchandise transportation. Depending on the type of solar panel that we transport (60 cells / 72 cells) the load capacity that we can transport will vary. For the panels of 60 cells allows us a load capacity of about 400 panels, that is, about 12-13 pallets depending on the size of the solar panels that will be transported. For panels of 72 cells we can transport about 290 panels, that is, about 9-10 pallets of solar panels.

The second type, 40 “container would be advisable  for ”groupage“ orders, i.e. if we cannot complete the total capacity from only one type,  we could group with other orders. For 60cels modules we can transport 896 panels spread over 28-29 pallets.

The panels of 72cels that will fit in our container are 716 pieces divided into 24-25 pallets.

And thirdly, the container HIGH CUBE 40 “is the container mastodon, because many of them reach up to 45”. It has the same characteristics as 20 “and 40” containers with the difference that they are higher, which depending on the type of merchandise we transport and the weight of this, allows us to load a bigger order into the container. The disadvantage is that it weighs more so it limits the maximum load allowed when transporting heavy materials.

In a HIGH CUBE we can load up to 784 solar panels in 25-26 pallets if they are panels of 60 cells. For panels of 72 cells. we can transport some 668 panels on 22-23 pallets.

Modules 72 cells Nº Panel

Weight Module 23-26 kg

Modules per pallet 26-28pcs

Content Modules 20 “290 pcs

Content Modules 40 “716 pcs

Modules 40 “High Cube 668 pcs

Modules 60 cells Nº Panel

Weight Module 18-26 kg

Modules per pallet 23-30pcs

Modules Cont. 20 “400 pcs

Modules Cont. 40 “896 pcs

Modules 40 “HighCube 784 pcs

In conclusion, we are going to study the best option individually from the economic point of view to choose a container that fits best our needs.

Víctor Mengual


It is the direct link with manufacturers and distributors, Foreign Trade Technician, Sourcing Management, his objective is to obtain the best purchase and offer opportunities, and cover the management of specific needs. The team’s “millenial”, with a promising future.


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