Fusion Wind and Photovoltaic Energy

Wind and Photovoltaic Energy

Acciona has managed the fusion of photovoltaic modules in the tower of a wind turbine of the Breña wind farm (Albacete)

At Solarnub we have echoed the latest development in renewable energies of Acciona.

Her project

Its energy division has presented the union between wind and photovoltaic energy. For this they have covered the tower of a wind turbine with flexible organic solar panels for the internal electrical consumption of the turbine.

With this project it will be possible to test and study the emerging photovoltaic technology, which are the organic panels, and the efficiency of the wind turbine

How do they do that?

It is an AW77 / 1500 wind turbine with Nordex-Acciona Wind power technology, based on a steel tower 80 meters high.

120 solar panels have been installed located in southeast-southwest orientation to capture the maximum energy throughout the day, and have been distributed in eight heights, occupying a total length of about 50 m of tower.

The organic panels are connected to two inverters that transform the direct current into alternating current, for its subsequent connection to the network that feeds the electrical equipment of the wind turbine.

The entire system is monitored in order to be able to evaluate the solution adopted in real conditions both from the point of view of energy production and the degradation of solar panels.

What power do organic solar panels achieve?

The photovoltaic modules, which total a power of 9.36 kilowatts peak (kWp), are Heliatek technology, model HeliaSol 308-5986. They have a thickness of only 1 millimeter, and a unitary surface of 5.986 x 308 mm.

What are organic solar panels?

Unlike the conventional silicon-based photovoltaic module manufacturing technology, organic panels use carbon as raw material, and stand out for their flexibility.


  • Lower energy consumption in its manufacture.
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Logistics facilities
  • Complete recycling of the materials used


  • Its efficiency is even lower than silicon solar panels.

According to Belén Linares, director of Energy Innovation at ACCIONA

“The Breña hybridization project is an optimization of the use of space for renewable production and will allow us to test the efficiency of organic photovoltaics, a technology that we believe has one of the greatest curves of improving technological efficiency. That’s why we decided to pilot it “, says Belén Linares, director of Energy Innovation at ACCIONA S.Site


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