The largest floating photovoltaic plant in Spain

The floating photovoltaic plant will occupy 6000 m2 and a power superior to 500 kw


The floating photovoltaic plant carried out by the Irrigation Community of Mérida, due to its magnitude, is the largest in Spain.

He took advantage of a raft of the Canal de Lobón, next to the Sierra de Arroyo de San Serván, to place this floating installation on it.

The placement of the plates does not imply any impact on the quality of the water, but quite the contrary.

It avoids its evaporation in the surface areas covered by the panels and the proliferation of algae. This project will allow the production of electricity to irrigate crops and reduce the energy cost of irrigators.

Your electric bill goes up to 200,000 euros. The energy component is what most costs for the pressurized irrigation area in the Irrigation Community. It is a method of obtaining clean energy that reduces harmful emissions.

How do they do that?

Today a solar pumping installation in the Arroyo-Calamonte lift station, through this installation is placed the floating modules in which the plates are assembled on floats, joined by a wiring that attenuates the movements of the water.

The company that has been in charge of this project is Isifloating, for 10 years, they have perfected their products to obtain the floating solar system with the highest quality, durability and cost efficiency in the market.

Its unique and patented technology allows the coverage of water surfaces to build on our system solar plants located on multiple bodies of water.

Land and Budget

It is the first floating photovoltaic plant in this type in the region and, due to its size, one of the most significant in the country.

They have installed 1,512 solar panels that occupy an area of ​​6,000 square meters, an amount that they intend to duplicate.

They predict that the installation will be finished this month. With it, at least one engine that supplies 5,000 hectares of pressurized irrigation can be put into operation. It will benefit around 1,200 irrigators from Arroyo and Calamonte.

It is also planned to increase the surface of the floating panels to 12,000 square meters in a second phase under the new call for energy efficiency aids approved by the Board.

The plan has involved an investment of 744,695 euros. Nearly 600,000 have been subsidized by the European Agrarian Fund for Rural Development and the Junta de Extremadura, under the framework of aid for energy efficiency.

The objective of the installation is to minimize costs of exploitation through the use of solar energy. Also, the electricity consumption of the network in addition to reducing the carbon emissions generated by the activity.

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