Flexible Solar Panels

Innovation in the Flexibility of Photovoltaic Panels

Renewable energies are changing considerably over the years.

Flexible solar panels consist of solar panels that have the ability to bend and remain intact.  From what material are these flexible panels formed to have this functionality? The answer is simple, they are made of silicon, but also consists of a network of minimal solar cells. This is what differentiates them from conventional solar panels.

Advantages of the Flexible Solar Panels

According to a series of studies that have been carried out, it has been possible to arrive at a series of conclusions that would be very beneficial for their buyers.

  • They are more resistant: Since the material with which they are made strengthens the flexible plate and turns it into an almost unbreakable product.
  • They are more durable: Their materials have a great potential. They get that the time of use of this photovoltaic source is longer, emphasizing its profitability.
  • They require less raw material: The materials with which the flexible plate is made are not the same as those used for conventional panels. On the other hand, if we think the positive side of this point, we conclude that using less raw material is beneficial to the environment, since we are saving the planet materials that we stop using to carry out this new system solar.
  • They are more economical in their solar installation for the buyer: Saving investment in the installation of the flexible panel, implies greater speed in the process.
  • Space saving: They do not need all the space needed by the usual solar panels.
  • The weight of the photovoltaic panel is lower than that of conventional panels. It facilitates transport thanks to its light weight.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight its versatility, since it can be located in different spaces such as caravans, campsites, tents, vans, boats, etc.

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