First stage with photovoltaic solar energy

First photovoltaic scenario with 240 solar panels.

Have you ever thought about how much electric power is needed to supply a concert? This amount of energy can be between 600 kw and 1.4 Mw.

But for the Lollapalooza group this is over. As they claim on their website, for the first time in the history of the festival worldwide, one of its scenarios will be powered 100% with photovoltaic solar energy.

The story of Lollapalooza was born when the American Perry Farrell created the festival to say goodbye to the big part of his band Jane’s Adicction. Over the years many recognized groups joined the project to become one of the benchmark festivals.


In recent years, much has been fought against climate change and environmental care, so from SOLARNUB this idea seems like a great initiative to start changing the vision of these great events.


The Lollapalooza is one of the most anticipated musical events in Latin America, which brings together national and international talent, and will be in Chile with Aldea Verde by Engie, where they will present the photovoltaic scenario, which will have a total of 240 solar panels. Aldea Verde is an environmental organization dedicated mainly to environmental education and the defense of the environment, as well as promoting activities and projects that allow a sustainable development of the country.


But this is not the only novelty of Lollapalooza Chile, since they will also establish measures to reduce and compensate the carbon footprint that occurs in these major events, creating “clean points” where all the material will be collected, which will be sent later to recycling plants to transform it into compost. And in addition, they will expand the hectares covered by the festival, going from 30 to 38.5 as they will host more rest areas and a stage where street musicians will play exclusively, Callejeros Stage.


Returning to the initial comment we reaffirm in our thoughts that this initiative achieves a great saving of CO2 emissions that will be carried out by using photovoltaic panels and not electricity.


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