First projects of floating plants in the ocean

Floating plant in the ocean

Holland and the Seychelles launch a system of floating plants in the ocean



The Dutch region has announced the project it has in hand, that is, the design and commissioning of the first floating plant in the ocean.

And why is it the first floating plant project if this already exists? Yes, really this type of plants already exists as you can read in the article Floating photovoltaic plants, but this time they have called it that because it is the first one that is going to be installed in the sea, since the rest are in lakes.

One of the main drawbacks of this project has not been developed before in the seas or oceans, because these systems are more dangerous, due to the weather conditions of the sea and the great force that the wind and waves, from That is why this project is a challenge for the companies participating in it.

The project has been called `Zon-op-Zee’, that is, `The sun in the sea’. Its design, execution and commissioning will require about three years and in this process a total of six companies will participate, among which include the founding start-up Oceans of Energy, the research center of the Netherlands, the TNO research organization, the maritime research institute of the country, the company TAQ and the University of Utrecht. In addition, it will suppose a 15% more of performance in comparison with the photovoltaic plants that there are located in earth.


This project not only has the help of specialized companies in the sector, but also has a team of marine ecologists, who will be responsible for monitoring and estimating the environmental impact that this type of installation can have on the sea.



A project very similar to the one in Holland is the one that is being carried out in the Seychelles. In this case it is intended to create a floating plant in the ocean that is 250 meters from the shore and will have a power of 3.5-4 MW.


It is not yet known which company will be responsible for building this project, but in the report released by the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) they have given a total of eight companies, which have to compete to finance this project, design it and finally build it. But for this all companies will have a total of three months until they have to submit their proposals. The finalist companies for now would be:


– Solar Philippines/ Corex Solar (JV).

Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios SA, a Spanish company.

Building Energy South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Generale du Solaire and Total Eren (JV).

Scatec Solar ASA.


Green Yellow SAS / Voltas Ecobiotech Ltd.

Quadran (Seychelles) Ltd./ Vetiver Tech (JV).


The SEC has described this project as “the first project financed with private funds at the level of public services”, and this is due to the fact that the companies that will support and finance it are the African Legal Support Fund, the African Development and the Clintron Foundation.


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