Fair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The city council of Alpedrete continues promoting its Fair of the Renewable Energy and the Energetic Efficiency.


In 2018, the municipality of Alpedrete, requested a complete report by the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (Ciemat), through which it was confirmed that only using the roofs of private and public housing with solar photovoltaic energy, their people could produce the amount of energy they consume.


Undoubtedly, Alpedrete is being and will be a benchmark in the commitment to renewable energies, specifically photovoltaic energy. An example of this is the IV Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fair that will be held on June 2. Being faithful to the objective of the previous editions, the great social work of informing on the real possibilities of changing the energetic model by resorting to existing technologies is valued.


Who participates?

Companies of all kinds, solar panel manufacturers, passive house builders, housing insulation specialists, electric car manufacturers, research institutes, energy cooperatives, and environmental organizations. All of them will show and inform about their different activities with a common objective: fight against climate change.




Socyr | La corriente | Amigos de la Tierra | Fujisol | Greenpeace | Ecooo | Endef / Foamglas |  Som Energía |Sistemamodulab | CIEMAT | Instituto de Energía Solar |Plataforma Edificación PassivHaus PEP | KIA


What activities are proposed?


  • Workshops with a practical vision for the participants of the IV Energy and Energy Efficiency Fair.
  • The price of electricity will be calculated as the kW is auctioned each day in the electricity market.
  • Learn how to be more efficient in domestic energy consumption.
  • Possibilities of self-consumption through photovoltaic energy.
  • Visualize the greenhouse effect.
  • It will be observed how a house is thermally isolated without chemicals and barriers to radon gas are placed.
  • Passive houses built in Alpedrete can be visited.
  • Training on the Solar map of Alpedrete.
  • Touch and experiment with solar cells.
  • Visibility of electric and hybrid cars.
  • For the little ones, solar games and light games have been prepared.
  • To finish, a solar cooker will be used to prepare appetizers.


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