Facebook bets on renewable energy

Facebook will become green by 2020 renewable energy


The blue giant led by Mark Zuckerberg, wants to become green and, for this purpose, plans to start operating with 100% renewable energy from 2020, proceeding with this energy from wind, solar and hydro, thus leaving side the use of fossil fuels.


Their data centers are growing and, in addition, they are in continuous operation, which generates a demand for continuous electricity.


In 2017, the company used 2.46 Tera watt hours of electricity, which was 34% more than in 2016. A very relevant fact is that with the amount of Tera watts that Facebook used, it could supply the electricity of all the homes of the state of Vermont, USA. These households represent a sum of 624,525.


With the Tera watts used in the year 2017, the company covered 51% of the electricity with renewable energy, for which it exceeded the objective that it had established for that year, which supposed to cover 50% of the electricity with other alternatives to fossil fuels.


To prevent the company from suffering a blackout, Facebook has signed agreements with electricity suppliers in the area, which will give the company the renewable energy they need. But not only has he signed contracts in the US, but he has also signed contracts with companies in Denmark, Ireland and Sweden. Currently, Facebook is still dependent on the electricity grid, and therefore on fossil fuels. In the USA 34% of electricity was generated in gas plants, 28% came from coal and 20% from nuclear energy.


But Facebook is not the only company that is struggling to be supplied with renewable energy. Next to this are companies like Samsung, Apple and Google.



If you liked this article you cannot lose the color of photovoltaic energy.


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