“Energetic” Greenpeace

Energetic Greenpeace

Energetic Greenpeace is the cry of 18 artists of the Spanish music scene to claim a fair energy transition where women have a role that has not had so far. 


At SOLARNUB we were delighted to discover that there is a project run under the auspicies of Greenpeace that unites women for the cause of clean and equitable energy.

Energetic, which is what this movement is called, was born to raise awareness about the importance of an energy transition that ends with the current, contaminating and macho model to move towards a fair and green model.

The organization has recently joined the manifesto #EnEnergíaNoSinMujeres, whose members commit  to participate only in events, where at least of the speakers would be female experts as well as to propose joint posters for the events in whose organization they participate actively.

To save the climate it is necessary that millions of people partake in the change: once again excluding half of the population does not make sense.

Last Sunday, November 4 at Sala La Riviera, 18 artists from the Spanish music scene, raised their voices to defend a green and just energy transition: Rozalén, Carmen Boza, Tulsa, Soledad Velez, Fario, Las Chillers, Rebeca Jiménez, Las Odio, Melo Moreno, Papaya, Peinetta, Cintia Lund, Affection, Kuve, Mow, Bleset, Eme dj and Sufida Calo, formed the poster of Energetics , a concert led by women in all areas of concert production (technical, security personnel, etc.). All of them have collaborated selflessly with this Greenpeace initiative , under the motto “Because the energy change will come from the hand of women or it will not come. We have waited enough. This is the moment!”.

At efeverde,  you can see how Sara Pizzinato de Greenpeace perfectly sums up the soul and the true meaning of the project.


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