Employment in the Renewable Energy sector worldwide

Employment in Renewable Energies worldwide

In 2018, 11 million jobs in renewable energy  according to IRENA

The renewable energy agency (IRENA) conducts annual analysis on the number of people working in the sector worldwide. The latest analysis indicated the figure of employees in renewable energy for 2018 to be 11 million, with 10.3 million reached in 2017.

Geographical spread

Until relatively recently the lion’s share of the sector was centered geographically in the following countries and regions: China, the United States and the European Union.

However, over the past year, fueled mainly by the manufacturing of photovoltaic panels, the geographical footprint has spread to countries like:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

These countries led the growth in employment in renewable energy in 2018, thus rendering Asia home to the majority of the employees in the sector, with 60% of jobs worldwide.

The growing trend of the sector means that more and more countries manufacture, commercialize and install renewable energy technologies, thus increasing the number of people employed in the sector.

According to Francesco La Camera, Director General of IRENA, “Beyond climate goals, governments are prioritizing renewable energies as a driver of low carbon economic growth, in recognition of the numerous employment opportunities created by the transition to renewable energy”.


Employment Analysis Renewable Energy


  • The photovoltaic solar energy industry retains the first place, with a third of the total renewable energy workforce.

In 2018, employment in the PV sector expanded in India, Southeast Asia and Brazil, while China, the United States, Japan and the European Union lost jobs.

  • Wind industry is still mostly produced onshore and is responsible for most of the 1.2 million jobs in the sector.

Only China accounts for 44 percent of global wind employment, followed by Germany and the United States.

  • Offshore wind power can be an especially attractive option to take advantage of national capacity and exploit synergies with the oil and gas industry.


  • Hydropower has the largest installed capacity of all renewable energy, but is now experiencing slower growth.


The sector employs 2.1 million people directly, of which three quarters are in operations and maintenance.


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If you liked this article, do not miss  Solar Energy Training


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