Design of Solar Panels

Flags, facades, lawn and logos on solar panels.

We were delighted to see the evolution of the American Sistine Solar that creates custom designs on solar panels without reducing color retention, adhesion and durability.

This new technology is called Solarskin, and was created by engineers with a unique vision who received the MIT Clean Energy Prize in 2013, which allowed the development of the product and its evolvement into a business model.

Design of  Solar Panels, What does it consist of?

Solarskin’s innovative technology is a thin film specially coated with ultra-durable graphics and integrated into high-efficiency solar panels. The technology employs selective light filtering to simultaneously represent an image, and transmit sunlight down to the underlying solar cells with minimal efficiency loss.

These engineers have explored patented techniques and advanced algorithms that combine elements of color theory, cognitive science and human visual perception. Sistine Solar’s team of designers actively work to customize the graphics with style and color that blend in beautifully with the roofs of their clients.

What designs can be created?

The design types know no limits, it is all down to the imagination of their customers. After several years its designs database is increasingly heterogeneous and could be tailored to the needs and tastes of clients.

The most common design is of panels that mimic facades, lawn, many curious company logos and even flags, the most common- the American one obviously. See some designs of Solar Panels.

How much does it cost?

In addition to the energy savings, this type of custom designed solar panels usually has an extra cost of about 10%, although it will depe8nd on many variables.

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