Climate change law act now

# ClimateChangeLawActNow 


It is already a fact that the problems of climate change are affecting the whole world, but especially our country, which is being more affected than the rest of the countries of the European Union for different reasons. One of them is the rise in the level of the Mediterranean Sea, which can draw a map very different from what is known up to now, causing great catastrophes, both geographical and human.



But it is also a fact that more and more new generations struggle so that this does not continue to advance and to be able to put a solution. Therefore, as belonging to the millennial generation I would like to highlight the great work that these groups of people are doing in countries such as Sweden and now in Spain, because thanks to the viral Acciona video that has been spread these weeks through social networks, has been able to observe how this generation, my generation, we are uniting for a good cause and we want to echo that we need a #ClimateChangeLawActNow



How could you have seen in the video we still have time to change the situation of our country and become a few years in a green superpower with other European Union country, since we are one of the sunniest countries, so we could get to produce 84% of all our electricity without polluting anything.


From SOLARNUB we want to achieve an objective with our platform, that solar energy is competitive in cost with the traditional forms of electricity generation, so that it really constitutes a powerful and versatile tool that bets for change.


You can visit our Mission and Future website.


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