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Trophy of the most photovoltaic queen than ever through the Trophy Bet solar

From July 5 to 7 the XXI edition of the Queen’s Trophy in Valencian waters will be held. In this edition the photovoltaic energy through the Bet Solar trophy plays a very important role and from Solarnub, we wanted to give visibility to this project and support its initiative.

Its objective

The aim is to favor the environment and avoid C02 emissions, promoting the use of renewable energy in boats.

“It is committed to nautical as one of the main sectors in which the photovoltaic meets this mission and promotes more sustainable development,” says Borja Pellicer, commercial director of the Valencian distribution company.

In addition, “Within all European countries, any vessel carries solar application equipment to save energy and, in addition, photovoltaic energy through electronic equipment is much safer than any energy, either from a generating group At the electronic level, the systems have a constant voltage of 12, 24, 48 volts (V), and it is always important that it serves as backup energy in case of supply failure “.

The sailors will continue to take advantage of the wind, but in the ORC2 division, the First 40.7 boats will remain awaiting the sun. This fleet will contest the first edition of the Bet Solar Trophy, whose winner will be the one who collects the most solar energy and recharges its batteries.

 How are you going to manage?

The challenge starts at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia. All batteries will be discharged at 90% and will be counted through the energy meter; Each day at the end of the day, when they arrive at port, they will go by boat to see how much energy each boat has loaded during the regatta. And the boat that has collected more solar energy will win the Bet Solar Trophy and a photovoltaic kit consisting of the equipment of the Dutch manufacturer Victron Energy.

How are solar panels integrated?

Each First 40.7 sailboat will carry a photovoltaic kit consisting of a flexible panel with a power of approximately 100 W, which will be connected to a charge regulator that will charge a gel battery. In addition, it will incorporate a monitoring system via Bluetooth to observe during the day how much energy it is charging.

The Best Solar Forecasts

Taking into account that the panel is 100 W and that there are estimated sun hours in Valencia in July, from Best Solar they calculate that, under the best conditions, each boat will charge approximately 600 watts / hour (Wh) up to date.


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