Artificial intelligence for photovoltaic panels

Inteligencia Artificial Paneles Solares

Optimize the energy production of photovoltaic panels by artificial intelligence.


One of our challenges as a photovoltaic energy technology platform is to incorporate artificial intelligence into our main functionalities.

For this reason, we are particularly excited to see how this technique will optimize the energy production of photovoltaic panels.

The people in charge of all this are the scientists of the Institute of Solar Energy of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (IES-UPM) and of the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology of the Superior council of Scientific Investigations (IMN-CSIC)


How did they do it?

They have been able to incorporate in their calculations the changes that occur in the solar spectrum in order to predict the production of photovoltaic solar energy.

His study has been published in Nature Communications and allows to find, in “a few hours of calculation”, the optimum multi-junction solar panel design for each location.


What is the study focused on?

Taking into account that the production of the multi-junction panels depends on the changes in the seasons, the position of the sun and atmospheric conditions, the light that reaches the photovoltaic panels present very different characteristics, greatly complicating the optimization and leading to losses of production.

To reduce these losses, the study focuses on the spectrum of light, the most important change, consisting of the distribution of colors (ex blue in the morning or half a day and red in the afternoon). The objective is to look for the optimum of global energy production and not for a specific color.


In the work carried out by researchers, they have shown that data sets with thousands of solar spectra can be reduced to a few characteristic spectra and used successfully to predict annual average efficiency based on solar cell design. The solar panels of the future will be multi-junction type, according to the researchers, combining several materials to take better advantage of the spectrum of sunlight.


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